Don't let your guard down just because you live in the country.

Rural communities have their own unique crime problems - like theft of crops, timber, livestock, and expensive farm equipment. Vandals do more than break mailboxes; they can destroy crops and fields. Invest some time and money in prevention now. What's the payoff? Better security around your property, less worry about crime and your family's safety.

Similar to other Sheriff’s Office specialty units, we have a group of staff who are educated and trained in responding to agricultural-related crimes.  The Task Force is comprised of 1 Property Crimes Detective, 3 Deputy Sheriffs and 1 Community Services Officer.  Each participant is available to respond to various levels when a crime occurs, including specific crime prevention tools and techniques. 


The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office is encouraging Sonoma County residents to participate in the Owner-Applied Number (OAN) program. Due to the widespread concern of increasing rural theft, the OAN program was initiated by the State of California for the identification of farm machinery, equipment, tools, and household goods.  Federal Bureau of Investigation established a system which is composed of ten characters, identifying the state, county, and owner. The coded identification number allows local law enforcement to identify stolen property and contact the owner. OAN’s are stamped on property by metal die stamps, indelible ink, branding iron or electric pencils.
The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office has trained personnel that will come out to your property free of charge and assist you with applying the OAN stamps. Using the OAN program can help deter the criminal before the theft has taken place. It has been proven that thieves are hesitant to take items that can be readily identified.
To apply for an Owner-Applied Number please open the OAN brochure below. Complete the application and email as a PDF to David Gosvener at dgosvener1@co.tulare.ca.us. The application will be processed and you will be notified via email when it is complete and given your OAN number.
To have a Sheriff’s Office employee come out to your property, please contact CSO Chris Huynh at 707-565-3940 to make an appointment.  You must have an OAN assigned to you before we will make an appointment.

For more information on the Rural Crimes Task Force please contact CSO Chris Huynh at 707-565-3940 or email  chris.huynh@sonoma-county.org