Making Deposits to an Inmate's Account

Legal Tender is considered to be:

·         Cash

·         Money Orders

·         Government Checks

·         Cashier Checks

·         Certified Checks

Money may be deposited to an inmate’s account in person via the TouchPay kiosks in the facility lobbies, via mail, on the internet, or by phone. If the TouchPay system is not working, deposits may be made to the MADF Cashier or NCDF Detention Specialist.

Any deposit (check or cash) made after the initial booking will not be accepted if this causes the inmate's balance to exceed the inmate's account limit of $1,000.00.

Cash deposits may be taken to the MADF Cashier only when the TouchPay kiosk is down. The Cashier may, on a case-by-case basis, accept cash, money orders, certified checks, cashier checks (some banks refer to cashier checks as "Official Checks") and government checks for deposit in an inmate's account. The preferred and primary method for depositing money orders, certified checks and cashier’s checks is via US mail.

The MADF Cashier or NCDF Detention Specialist will take government checks that are made out to the inmate only. Tax return checks made out to the inmate and a second party will not be accepted unless the second party endorses the check, in the Cashier's presence, and provides proper photo ID. If this type of check is in the inmate's possession, it will not be released to the second party without a completed Inmate Property Release form.

Withdrawals from an inmate account shall not occur without a completed Inmate Property Release form from the inmate.

To deposit money to an inmate’s account using a debit or credit card via the internet, log onto and follow the instructions on the website.

To deposit money to an inmate’s account over the phone, call 1-866-232-1899.  Our facility code is 295403.

Funds are not transferable from one inmate’s account to another inmate’s account while both are in custody.