Detention Facilities Inmate Mail Guidelines

There are no limits placed on the amount of lawful mail an inmate may send and receive.  In an effort to keep contraband and illegal substances from entering the facility mail containing the following items or substances will be returned to sender or placed on the inmate’s property:

Crayon                       Glue/Tape                               Lipstick

Paint                            White out                               Carbon paper

Bookmarks                 Glitter                                      Perfume

Stains                          Sticky substances                  Post-It notes

Stamps                        Stickers                                  Envelopes

Stationary                    Blank paper/cards                 Polaroid pictures

Cardboard                   Bubble packaging                 Posters

Wall calendars            Over-sized cards                   Laminated or plastic coated items

Padded envelopes    Sexually-oriented material     Obscene publications or writings

Newspaper or magazine clippings                             Hygiene items

Gang/Code writing, drawings or monikers                Unsolicited, commercial and business mail

Any type of food or beverage

Commercially made cards with removable parts, e.g.; bows, ribbons, plastic covers,

Photos or other materials containing nudity or partial nudity,

Legal tender which is not intended for deposit to an inmate’s account or that requires more than one signature,

Solicited publications not sent directly from the publisher,

Threats of criminal activity, physical harm, and any written material which fosters animosity among individuals to include hate mail and racial slurs,

Any other item determined to be contraband.

 New books deemed to be appropriate will be accepted from Amazon and Barnes & Noble only.  Used books, hardcover books and books with spiral bindings will not be accepted.  Magazines and other publications including periodicals and newspapers that are deemed to be appropriate will be accepted from the publisher.

 Any sexually oriented materials and materials related to the manufacture of weapons or that may cause a threat to the safety, security, rehabilitation, or other legitimate Facility interests, or create a hostile work environment are prohibited.

 Main Adult Detention Facility             North County Detention Facility

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