The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office Detention Alternatives Program offers qualified offenders the opportunity to participate in the Electronic Monitoring Program. This program allows for the privilege of serving court ordered sentences in a non-traditional manner. In lieu of incarceration, offenders are afforded the opportunity to continue education and/or employment enabling them to support themselves and their families. A thorough background investigation is completed on each applicant to assess any apparent threat to the community or likelihood of re-offending. Not all offenders are accepted into the Electronic Monitoring Program. The goal of the program is to allow inmates the potential to remain productive members of society while maintaining the safety of the general public, staff, and participating offenders.


The Detention Alternatives Unit office is located at the North County Detention Facility. Offenders can obtain applications for the program in the lobbies located at the Main Adult Detention Facility or at the North County Detention Facility. Applications can also be mailed or emailed to the applicant or printed off the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office website (http://www.sonomasheriff.org/) and mailed, emailed, or faxed to:

The Detention Alternatives Unit
2254 Ordinance Road
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
707-578-6042 Phone
707-544-0155 Fax

Click here to open the form - EMP WF Application
Click here to get more information about the Electronic Monitoring Program - EMP Flyer


To be considered for this program you:

  • Must be sentenced
  • No current warrants/holds
  • No pending cases
  • Must have a permanent residence while enrolled in the program